Investigate Missouri’s Governor?

I starting to think Robert Mueller should add Missouri’s Governor to his investigation into Trump, Russia, and collusion. Why you ask? 
1)Greitens is a former Navy Seal that came out of nowhere to win the Governers seat last year. A man with zero political office experience who was formerly a Democrat before a sudden ‘change of heart’ in 2008. 

Greitens wins Republican nomination 

2) His sudden ‘change of heart’ to become Republican began in 2008, shortly after his charity ‘The Mission Continues‘ began accepting money from donors he refuses to disclose.

3) His “charity” has been linked to some suspicious activity that appears to have functioned as nothing more than a grooming ground to get him elected, rather than it’s stated purpose.

 Greiten’s Charity Salary in question.

4) Greitens took during his campaign and is still taking money from a source he refuses to disclose (aka “Dark Money”) and even Republican state lawmakers are increasingly uncomfortable by this.  

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens jumps to the defense of dark money

5) This “Dark Money” donor provides for Greitens a jet that he uses to make trips that he refuses to explain along with FIVE trips to see Donald Trump since the inauguration.
6) Trump appointed this unknown, first term Governor to the Governor’s Council and even calls him one of his ‘favorites’.

There are links here, maybe they are nothing, maybe they are something but they are very similar to what is being investigated by Mueller in regards to Trump and the Russia influence. Refusing to disclose campaign donor money sources, refusing to disclose money sources now that he IS governor, private trips on private jets to meet with Trump, etc.

As Shakspere would say, “Something stinks in the state of Denmark” or in this case “Something stinks in the state of Missouri”. As a Missourian, this is just not acceptable and needs investigating.



Tribes. It’s a subject that has been haunting my mind lately. Human’s seeming inability to think of ourselves as part of the largest group. It’s been that way for as long as we can find evidence, which archaeologically, is a pretty long time. Even if you are a bible thumper, tribes exist in the old testament. The 12 Tribes of Israel, anyone? We started off with small family groups that occasionally met up with other small family groups to trade goods or even people. Even in pre-modern human times, we seem to have understood inbreeding was not something you wanted to do. Then family groups grew into multiple family groups, which grew into tribes. Why? There are a lot of reasons. More people to hunt meant you were able to bring down larger game and process it quicker. More hands to gather, more hands to cure hides, more hands to defend.

Eventually, as seems to be ingrained in the base code of the human psyche, we began to fight other tribes. There is no real way to know why, but it isn’t hard to guess just by watching current human behavior. Territory probably was a starter. The deer in my territory are mine to hunt, not yours. Or the berries growing on these bushes beside this freshwater lake is mine, not yours. That sort of thing. We still do it. With the advent of farming, it only became worse. We needed the best possible land to farm on. The land in my current territory isn’t that great, yours is, so I’ll take yours. Simple enough on the surface.

Basically, we’ve always found ways to set ourselves apart. Once we outnumbered small tribes, we turned into countries, but we still felt the need to separate ourselves within our larger country tribe. We created religion, societies, political groups, education groups, and wealth. Always with the wealth. Even as countries grew into empires, we still stratified ourselves. In some cases, it was with horrific results, the genocide of entire populations. In some cases, it was less final but still awful with entire countries being forced into slavery. Humans are, at our base level, awful to each other. By separating ourselves into groups we make it easier to be this way. It is easy to demonize a group that is different from your own and once you demonize them you can justify just about any atrocity.

What has this to do with our current geopolitical crisis? Everything, really. Humans are, after all, human. We still divide ourselves by country, by religion, by ethnicity, and by a multitude of other things. Even within a group, there are divisions. You may be a Catholic, but are you a devout Catholic? You may be American, but how far back can you trace your family? It’s crazy, really, that we insist on doing this to ourselves. If we are going to survive, we need to stop or at least expand our idea of tribe. We need to see ourselves as humans, all of us from the tribe of Earth. These social barriers we put up, especially religion and wealth, need to come down. We cannot survive and maximize the potential of what it means to BE human as long as we cling to the ancient tradition of “Us versus Them”. When are we going to evolve into the next version of Human? Why do we fight so hard to cling to the old version? Why do we long for the ‘good old days’ when they were not really that good?

I don’t claim to understand it or to know the answers.  What I do know is that the only way to change it is one human at a time. In our current age of technology, we can connect in ways never before imaginable. Who knows where you might be sitting, reading this? A mile away? On a different continent? We must utilize this connectivity to advocate change, to support each other in our efforts to change, to spread awareness. Sometimes just knowing there is someone else out there on the planet that feels the same way is enough to reassure us and help us stay the course. Support each other, love each other, and BE the change this planet so desperately needs.