The Terrified Democrat

In the past, I used this blog to write about my experiences being a disabled person saddled with a rare genetic defect. I wrote about my experiences in being a patient, parent, legislative advocate, and generally my opinion on life in the disabled lane. It was mostly me adjusting to no longer being an able-bodied, employed individual. Today, that all changes.

Today this becomes the official blog page of “The Terrified Democrat”. A new Facebook page I’ve created to get a grip on the disaster currently known as American Politics. Firstly, I want the political posts off my regular personal Facebook feed. I have my privacy settings fairly strict, so it’s pointless. Secondly, I don’t like sharing things unless I have checked them out myself and find them to be true and as accurate as I can. Too many people are just clicking share on any post with a catchy headline and clickbait is my enemy. Lastly, I’m tired of the fake news and the Republican-controlled talking heads that take facts and twist them so horribly that they no longer resemble the truth. I’ve said for years that Republican talk radio is nothing but a cult, it’s only missing the physical togetherness. The ideology is the same when compared to the legal definition of a cult it fits with the exception of ‘physical punishment’, but since it is a ‘virtual’ cult, physical punishment is rather out of the context.

The Terrified Democrat is dedicated to bringing you the news straight from the sources. Links to actual bills introduced in the House and Senate, links to research done via the Library of Congress, links to legitimate news sources like The Washington Post, The New York Times, Huffington Post, PBS, and other inside the US sources.

I don’t believe you can get an accurate picture of the political landscape by staying with sources ONLY inside the US so there will be links to GLOBAL news such as BBC Worldwide, in order to give perspective on what the rest of the world thinks about the US. Unfortunately, this perspective is highly skewed when presented on our own national networks. The opinions of other countries do matter, as much as their actions. Right now the US is facing global opposition to Trump, with protests and demonstrations going on in multiple countries. We are currently the laughing stock of the world. So much for ‘Make America Great Again’. Trump and the US are the butt of political cartoons, comedy shorts, viral videos, and politicians who think we’ve collectively lost our minds by electing him.

Another reason for this change on my page is the fact that Trump and his minions are blatantly lying about just about everything. Even things that really do not matter in the slightest. Their use of “Alternative Facts” is outrageous and unprecedented in our history. The policy of ‘report what we want or else’ is in direct opposition to the JOB of the press. Honestly, I think it is partially the national media’s fault. They’ve gotten so concerned with the big headline and focused so much on tragedies that the term ‘investigative journalism’ is all but dead. Views are skewed one way or another, depending on which one you read/watch.

That is all, for this post anyway. I will be trying to write and post at least once a week. If you would like to write an opinion piece for publication on this blog, please contact me.

Thanks, and welcome to The Terrified Democrat.


About Traci H

I am a disabled person who is terrified by the Tump administration and the control the Republicans have of Congress. This blog is my journey to marry the life I want to have with the life I have been given and to spread FACTS about the state of American Politics.

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