Sick Lives Matter

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Sick Lives Matter

I was messaging with my therapist recently, frustrated with the challenge of trying to find a treating pain management specialist under my new insurance. Sharing with her how angry I’ve been in recent years after being brushed aside by more than a dozen physicians I’ve looked to for help (messaging because speaking on the phone or seeing my therapist in person is out of the question for me). She rationally offered advice like, “Did you ask your last doctor for a referral for a new pain doctor?” And, “Have you tried seeing any specialists for your conditions? Why are you in so much pain? How about taking more pain medication?  No one should be suffering like you are.”

Why did her rational, reasonable solutions make me want to scream?! Maybe because after over a decade of chronic illness, I know that her innocent view of medical care is like the…

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About Traci H

I am a disabled person who is terrified by the Tump administration and the control the Republicans have of Congress. This blog is my journey to marry the life I want to have with the life I have been given and to spread FACTS about the state of American Politics.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this with your readers! You made my day. I hope I can keep sharing in the Sick Lives Matter campaign. I really like your page and your artwork is beautiful!

  2. Thank you, you are very kind. I love networking with people who are trying to make a difference and I think you are one! You write very well and can express what so many of us cannot. Thanks for writing and sharing, and feel free to contact me in the future if you would like to share more work on my page.

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