Ah, January are you really different from December?

I’ve been a bit remiss in writing lately. I’m sorry. Sometimes EDS gets the better of me and my time and attention are drawn elsewhere. I know and fully understand that I will never get a dedicated following unless I write in a predictable pattern and make things useful. With that in mind, I’m trying. Sometimes, however, when EDS or POTS or something else has me down, I choose to not write because I’m in a negative place. I’m learning that this is NOT healthy for me and that I should write anyway about subjects that make me, if not happy at least content. Perhaps that will help the motivation.

This week I started two classes on Coursera. I’ve not ever done 2 at a time, so I’m hoping I don’t fall flat on my face. Coursera is free, with the option of obtaining a certified certificate and the like for a fee. Since I’m not trying to increase my job prospects and am merely learning for the sake of learning, I opt for the free version. Most classes take only 3-5 hours a week of your time, with the exception of literature based ones. In the ‘Science Fiction and Fantasies Impact on Modern Literature’ class I read some 24 books. I should also note that nearly all the classes have links to free materials, so there is no having to purchase books and the like unless you just want to.

The first class this year is from Duke University Professor Dr. Mohamad Noor called Introduction to Genetics and Evolution. I’m excited about this one because, of course, I have a genetic ‘defect’ that profoundly affects my life. So far, I’m loving it. Dr. Noor has a fantastic teaching style and a way of making things seem perfectly logical without making me feel dumb. I will freely admit that the math aspect of this course has me a bit anxious. I was never good at math, ever. With that in mind I signed up for the second class.

Second up is Learning How to Learn “Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects.” by University of California: San Diego professors Terry Sejnowski and Barbara Oakley. This course is centered around neuroscience and the way our brain actually retains information. Effectively HOW what we see, read, do, and hear is transformed into new neuro pathways and how those new neuro pathways become permanent. Barbara Oakley wrote a book called “A Mind for Numbers” about her experience in conquering her own fear and loathing of anything mathematical. I have to tell you it sounds much stuffier than it is. Oakley has a great come across and is very truthful about her own failures in trying to learn HOW to learn math and became an Engineer. So far I’m using the very simple techniques and have had great results. It was perfect timing considering the Genetics class!

That’s what I’m up to, that and just trying to live a daily life. I have picked up my drawing again recently, knitting as well. I’m trying to get myself back on a regular schedule again. I had a pretty fair system going prior to the viral infection in my brain stem after Christmas of 2013. That put me on strict bed rest for 8 straight weeks. By strict I mean laying FLAT as the infection was causing swelling and being flat on my back was the only way to keep the spinal/brain fluid flowing. 8 weeks of that and a year later I’m still not back on track. I’m not calling this a resolution, as I think those are really silly ideas. There is no doubt they work wonderfully for some, but not so for me. I find that every morning I make myself a resolution to survive the day and try to be productive and/or useful in some manner to someone. That’s good enough for me.

Some potential subjects for this year’s posts are:

Eating Healthy on a budget
Meal planning and grocery lists
Gardening in small spaces
Canning/freezing/preserving garden bounty
Art of all kinds
Most likely at least one post on Corvettes/car shows etc.
Fun things to do on the cheap
Entertaining and educating kids
and the occasional ‘holy cow, you won’t believe this’ in regards to medical events.

If there is any subject you would like to see or if you would like to write a guest post, please let me know! I’m okay with linking to great things like support groups and fundraisers as well. If we can’t help each other, then we are stuck alone. Alone doesn’t help anyone for long.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it.


About Traci H

I am a disabled person who is terrified by the Tump administration and the control the Republicans have of Congress. This blog is my journey to marry the life I want to have with the life I have been given and to spread FACTS about the state of American Politics.

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  1. I love, love your awesome bluebird, i’m betting you took that picture, eh ? all your topics for the year sound great. one especially caught my eye, because i’m basically planning a 1000 mile trip for cars this spring.,,, corvettes are cool , but the yearly Detroit dream cruise is even better, cuz it has like 5000 corvettes!! ,,, one week end, in june, twenty miles and ten cities,,,. fort street is the place to be. this road is custom made for the event. four lanes going one way, medien full of trees and flowers, four lanes going the other way, that’s eight lanes of amazing cars, all going 20 mph,,,, some hotrods lighting it up all day,,,,, people line the street with buckets of water, and businesses bring out their hoses, all to assist in the ” lighting it up ” process,,,,( ,tires always scream better on wet roads,) also, all along the 20 miles is zoned business, and every parking lot IS a car show,– cars come from all over America, its quite stunning, if I get there, i’ll take lots of corvette pix. nameste

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